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Carpet Cleaning

Expert Carpet Cleaners for Wool Carpet

Wool Carpet CleaningChem-Dry of Michiana's unique cleaning solutions are safe and effective for your wool carpets. With wool carpet you can't use too much moisture on the wool fibers or a cleaning solution that is not safe for wool. With Chem-Dry you can be assured our solutions are safe for your wool carpets as well as our ability to have them dry quickly. We use one-tenth the moisture of typical steam cleaners because our solutions are heavily carbonated. This allows us to get your wool carpet totally clean without too much moisture.  Your wool carpets will be clean, healthy, and they will dry in 1-2 hours. Chem-Dry also has unique solutions for pet urine removal in wool carpets.

Carpet maintenance with wool carpet can be easy when using the correct cleaning materials. The removal of spots and spills can easily be done with our cleaning agents meant for wool.. It is also important to act quickly when anything is dropped or spilled on the carpet.

Tips for Wool Carpet

  • Vacuum your carpets at least two time per week.. Vacuum cleaner dust bag should be emptied when half full.
  • Periodically clean traffic lanes and the areas in front of frequently used chairs.
  • Keep absorbent cloth  towels and cleaning solutions meant for wool on hand for quick response to spills and accidents.
  • Chem-Dry use Wool Safe® cleaning solutions and protectants. Not all cleaning solutions and protectants are safe for wool carpet.


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