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Chem-Dry Tile & Grout Cleaning

FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 2021

Spring Cleaning Time

A little routine tile and grout cleaning can go a long way in maintaining the appearance of your tile surfaces. While routine sweeping and mopping are helpful, they don’t provide the deep clean that your tile flooring needs. Over time, dirt can build up in the surfaces of your tile and grout flooring, which creates a breeding ground for bacteria. While grout serves a needed purpose, it’s incredibly porous and typically light colored. This means that it easily absorbs dirt and spills and can quickly become dingy in appearance.

Clean tiles with soap and water.

The simplest way to refresh your tile and grout is with soap and water. It’s best to use a basic dish soap and warm water to wipe down the surface. Harsh cleaners and even vinegar can be damaging to different types of tiles and can weaken grout. For a quick, easy clean simply spray the dish soap and water solution and wipe with a cloth.

Focus on the grout.

Dirty grout can make your entire tiled floor look dull and dingy. Due to its porous nature, grout gets visibly dirty fairly quickly. Commercial grout cleaners are an easy route to choose, but be sure to purchase a product that is pH neutral to prevent damage. You’ll want to use a small scrub brush or toothbrush for best results. Spray on the cleaner, give it a good scrub, and then wipe the surface with a cloth to be sure there isn’t any leftover cleaner hanging out on your tiles. While people commonly recommend using a vinegar and baking soda mixture to clean stubborn stains, the Tile Council of America warns that this can actually be harmful. Grout is alkaline and will react to any acidic cleaner, such as vinegar, resulting in some of the grout dissolving. So, while it may look clean, it’s not worth the damage.

Have your tile and grout professionally cleaned.

As anyone who has attempted to clean their tile floors with a toothbrush can tell you, it’s a time-consuming job. The most effective and time efficient way to Spring clean your tile floors is to have them professionally cleaned. Tile, Stone, and Grout cleaning by Chem-Dry of Michiana penetrates deep inside the porous surfaces to remove dirt and bacteria, leaving you with surfaces that will sparkle and be safer for your family. Independent laboratory testing determined that our process, in conjunction with sanitizer, eliminates an average of 99.9% of bacteria from these surfaces. In addition to a deep clean, Chem-Dry of Michiana can also applies a sealant to help prevent future stains