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Cleaning my home and staying healthy are questions we are all thinking about these days. These are crazy times we are all living in with the fear and uncertainties the Coronavirus has brought into our world. And there are things I feel I need to do daily to keep my home as healthy as possible. I thought I would share some tips on things I'm doing at my own personal home to try and combat this horrible Covid-19 from penetrating into our home.

  • I HAVE NEVER WASHED MY HANDS SO OFTEN. One thing my husband and I talk about is how we didn't instill in our adult children how important hand washing is. When we were growing up, hand washing was taught and adhered to (maybe not this much). Back to the good ole day's philosophy, and I wash my hands constantly. I will say, my hands our thankful it's April and not January or they'd be dry and cracking!
  • Shoes for home and shoes for the store. On those in-frequent trips to the grocery (I used to go grocery shopping 3-5 times a week and loved planning menus for my family), I have a separate pair of shoes I wear to the store. When I return from the store, I leave those shoes in the garage or spray them down with one of our hospital grade sanitizers. The CDC is saying this virus can possibly live on surfaces for hours-days, so I figure I'll keep those shoes in garage until I need them again.
  • And don't wear flip-flops out in public right now. Last week was our first warm and sunny day and I put on flip-flops to go to our shop and then stop at the grocery. My husband was appalled and I never gave it a second thought (until now). But germs, viruses, and bacteria can be all over the floors of public places and our feet are in constant contact with those floors. So, I've succumbed to wearing closed toe shoes for now!
  • I wear a mask to the grocery. I have to say this is a first for me. And as I mentioned above, grocery store shopping used to be a favorite thing to do. Now, not so much, as my glasses keep fogging up from the mask. I'm obviously not used to wearing a mask. And, last week when I went to the grocery, there were few people in masks. Today, one week later, I'd say 70% of the people where in masks. Good to see many people are following the CDC guidelines and wearing face coverings.
  • High Touch Points to Clean DailyWe've all heard to clean "the high touch points" daily. This can be a daunting and time-consuming task. I have to admit I don't do this daily, but I should. It really doesn't take that long, and so important to do with soap and water or an EPA Registered disinfectant or sanitizer.  And clean those bathrooms and kitchen sinks and faucets regularly.

Stay safe and stay healthy. Keep cleaning your homes. Our world is changing and I know when all this uncertainty is over, the world will be a better place. It'll definitely be a cleaner place!!