How do I Know if I need a Professional Carpet Cleaning
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Carpets are the ideal flooring option for many homes. They offer warmth and a plush texture underfoot, prevent dirt and particles from spreading in the air, and can even act as an “energy conserver” during the cold winter months by retaining warm air. You love your carpets and wouldn’t ever think about swapping them out for hardwood floors. However, you may wish it were easier to know when to call a professional carpet cleaning service.

With hard flooring, it’s much easier to spot the accumulation of dirt, grime, soil, and stains. Carpeting, in contrast, traps contaminants, making buildup less noticeable. As home owner with carpet, there are a few things you should know about the variables that dictate how often professional carpet cleaning is necessary.

The Type of Traffic Your Carpets Endure Matters

If you have a busy, lively household, you know it doesn’t take long for a spill to occur, a stain to soak in, and a mess to be made. The amount of traffic your carpets experience will determine how often you need to clean them, as will the type of traffic they receive.

For example, if you have pets that could track in dirt and grime from the outdoors or children who love sprawling out on your carpets to complete their art projects, you may find yourself in need of professional carpet cleaning more often than your neighbors. Furthermore, if you smoke or like to snack in carpeted areas, your best bet is to have your carpets cleaned more frequently.

For any of the above situations, a good rule of thumb is to have carpets cleaned every six to twelve months. If you live alone, have a no-shoes policy in the house, and don’t eat or drink over carpeted areas, carpet cleaning every twelve to eighteen months should suffice.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Cleaning Your Carpets “Too Often”

One of the most common myths we hear about new carpets is that they should not be cleaned “too much or too often” for fear that the fibers in the material will tear and break down. However, this situation is highly unlikely if you are relying on an experienced carpet cleaning company that can advise you on the proper scheduling of your carpet cleaning sessions.

The truth is, if you have a high-quality carpet, there’s no such thing as cleaning it “too much.” This is because while carpets are in many ways the perfect flooring choice, they are designed to hold onto dirt, dust particles, hair, stains, and odors. The more frequently you have them cleaned, the cleaner and fresher your home will be, plain and simple.

Look for Signs You’re Overdue for Professional Carpet Cleaning

Take a good look at your carpets. Walk around your living room, hallways, and bedrooms. Do you notice any dark spots or traffic patterns? Investigate the area around the couch (where spills are likely to occur), or around your bed (especially if you’re used to having a midnight snack!).

Observe those high-traffic areas you tread most often, where your dog or cat likes to nap, and where your children play and eat. Do you notice any spots, discoloration, or a flat, matted texture?

These dirty areas likely indicate you are overdue for a visit from a professional carpet cleaning company such as Chem-Dry. In other words, it is best to schedule a carpet cleaning visit before you notice these signs to prevent lasting damage to your carpets. The earlier spots, stains, and evidence of dirt are caught and removed, the less likely they are to set and become permanently ingrained in your carpets.

Get Started with Regular Professional Carpet Cleaning Visits

The team at Chem-Dry can help determine the correct carpet cleaning schedule for your home based on your family’s lifestyle and the type of carpeting you have. Ready to learn more? Call our professional carpet cleaning company today at 574-264-9412!