Kids are Back-to-School - Rid the Odor & Stains in Your Home
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Kids are back to school and you've started cleaning your home. And you notice an odor in your home. You’ve just cleaned, you’ve checked the fridge and the trash. Where is that odor coming from? It could be your carpet. Different things can cause our carpet to give off an odor and a professional carpet cleaning can take care of most of these issues:

  • Food and drink spills on the carpet and upholstery can lead to “hidden” odors. These organic products can attract bacteria and the off-gassing from this bacteria can cause odors. Even if you’ve cleaned up the surface spill, hidden food particles deep in the carpet fibers could be the culprit.
  • Pet urine issues can lead to strong odors, especially when the air is humid. The humidity, or moisture in the air, can really make the urine odor pungent because of the gases released from the bacteria in the urine. Chem-Dry’s Pet Urine Removal Treatment will remove 99.9% of the odor of pet urine.
  • Cigarette smoke is another culprit that can make your carpet smell bad. The smoke can adhere to the carpet fibers making this smell difficult to get rid of. A carpet cleaning will go a long way in helping with these odors, but you will also need a professional grade deodorizer as well to rid these odors.
  • Moisture or dampness that has not been thoroughly dried properly can cause an odor in the carpeting, especially in a damp basement. Spills and potted plants are other culprits. A “damp” carpet needs to be addressed by a professional to make sure it is completely dried and a professional grade sanitizer should be used. A “damp” carpet can not only cause odors, but also a health risk if not properly addressed.
  • Old age – your carpet not YOU! A carpet that is extremely old has fibers that have broken down over time and “traffic” over this old carpet has left many by-products in the carpet. A professional cleaning will go a long way in making the home healthy, but it might be time to replace carpet if the odor is truly from a carpet that is old!

Whatever your needs, call Chem-Dry of Michiana for a free estimate on carpet, upholstery, rugs or tile!