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Commercial Cleaning Services: Carpet, Tile & VCT Flooring, Upholstery & More

Commercial Carpet CleaningCarpeting is in most commercial settings. And add cubicles and workstations, fabric can cover a lot of area at your business. Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction cleaning method uses the natural cleaning power of carbonation to lift dirt and grime to the surface of the carpet where it can be easily extracted. Chem-Dry is ideal for commercial carpet cleaning because our process uses 80% less water than typical steam cleaning, so your carpet will dry in 1-2 hours instead of 1-2 days so you can get back to work and you won’t have the risk of mold and mildew growth that often comes with using an excessive amount of water.

With commercial carpet cleaning from Chem-Dry, carpets stay cleaner longer and promote a healthier working and business environment for your customers and employees by removing 98% allergens.

Commercial Tile & Grout and VCT CleaningChem-Dry can clean your tile & grout, VCT (vinyl) flooring, and stone floors throughout your business. Our technicians use specialized cleaning solutions as well as powerful deep-cleaning extraction equipment to remove the dirt and build-up, increasing its longevity and refreshing the look of your facilities.

For Tile & Grout floors, we use a hot, high-pressure system that will leave your Tile & Grout sparkling clean. Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) cleaning will remove old layers of polish and cut through tough layers of old floor finishes and cleaners that have dulled your floors over the years. With a low odor, it is not only effective, but has less discomfort for you. After stripping your floor, we will apply a very durable Finish. The finish is scratch and scuff resistant making it a great investment for business' with VCT flooring.

Commercial Carpet CleaningDesk chairs, sofas, partitions and other upholstered furniture in a business environment receive a lot of use. Chem-Dry of Michiana's commercial upholstery cleaning will have your corporate furniture looking like new. Our green-certified cleaner – engineered to be used with all kinds of upholstery– is safe and non-toxic. Similar to our commercial carpet cleaning process, Chem-Dry’s carbonating process for upholstery lifts dirt and soil to the surface of your commercial upholstery fabric with less water. This means that your corporate upholstery dries faster and stays cleaner longer while removing 98% allergens.

Commercial Leather CleaningLeather furniture is an investment for your business and requires proper care to prevent premature aging and drying. Chem-Dry of Michiana's leather care specialists have the expertise to clean and restore your company’s leather furniture to protect it against spills and dirt, replenish the moisture it needs and restore its clean, healthy luster.

Commercial Rug CleaningArea rugs are a great addition to your lobby, hallways and other spaces. However, they are usually placed in heavily traffic areas and can become dirty quickly. Chem-Dry professionals are trained to clean virtually all types of rugs, from Oriental to Persian.

We use specialized tools and equipment designed for whatever kind of rug you have, including synthetic, wool, cotton, silk and many other types. Our effective, yet gentle, area and oriental rug cleaning and drying process preserves the dye within the fibers of your rug, leaving the colors of your rug vibrant and fresh. And because our cleaning products don’t leave any dirt-attracting residue, your rugs stay cleaner longer.

Commercial Water Damage RestorationUnexpected flooding can happen to anyone and Chem-Dry of Michiana is your water damage restoration specialists. You don't have to live on a flood plain to be tormented by water damage.  Rain water causing a flooded basement, freezing pipes that burst, or something as simple as a leaky pipe can do extreme damage to your carpets and floor. Chem-Dry professionals are fully trained, certified and insured and we are prepared to tackle most any water clean up in your home or business using the latest, most updated equipment.

Commercial Granite CleaningGranite countertops have always been popular for use in businesses because of their upscale appearance, durability and natural shine. But these surfaces can lose their luster over time, especially in high-use areas of your business. Chem-Dry uses specialized cleaning solutions and a unique, multi-step process to penetrate deep inside granite’s porous surface to remove the build-up of dirt and other unhealthy elements and restore the shine of your granite. 

Companies spend millions of dollars on carpeting, upholstery, leather and area rugs. That’s why businesses across the country and around the world have chosen Chem-Dry to not only protect their investment, but also keep their offices, retail and commercial space healthy and looking great. Chem-Dry is the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes – from small local businesses, to multi-location operations to coast-to-coast national accounts  – because we deliver a deeper clean that is healthier for your employees and customers without interfering with your business activities.

Servicing office, retail and commercial spaces

Chem-Dry understands that businesses want to provide a clean and healthy environment for customers and employees. Chem-Dry's continuous innovation has developed state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning solutions, allowing us to deliver a professional cleaning service that provides a deeper clean, allows carpets and upholstery to dry faster and creates a healthier work environment.

Drier. Because Chem-Dry’s cleaning process relies on the deep-cleaning power of carbonation, we use 80% less water than typical steam cleaning, delivering dry times of 1-2 hours rather than 1-2 days. That means your business can continue running with little or no disruption while creating a healthier workplace for your employees.

Cleaner. Chem-Dry’s unique hot carbonating extraction cleaning method employs the bubbly properties of carbonation to penetrate deep into your carpets and upholstery, breaking up dirt and grime and lifting it to the surface. We then follow-up with state-of-the-art equipment to pull the dirt and water from your carpet, leaving behind a deep-down, long lasting clean for your employees and customers.

Healthier. Chem-Dry uses a specially designed, Chem-Dry green-certified cleaning solution that is safe and non-toxic for your employees and customers. Our low moisture process also helps eliminate the risk of mold and mildew that excess water can cause. Additionally, in a study conducted by a leading independent air quality lab, our HCE cleaning process was found to remove an average of 98% of common allergens from carpet and upholstery.

Hospital Cleaned

Whether you need a one-time cleaning to get ready for a special meeting or a regular maintenance plan customized to your business operation, give Chem-Dry a call  to promote a cleaner, safer, healthier environment for your customers and employees.

Carpet & Rug Institute Seal of ApprovalCutter's Foam reviewed us on Google: "For as long as the carpet has been down (30 Years), it cleaned up really nice!"
Glass Doctor reviewed us on Google: "We had Chemdry clean the carpet in our offices on a Saturday. They did an amazing job! Arrived on time, and everything looks and smells so clean!  We will definitely use them again in the future! Thanks Jack & Brock!"

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